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fmd_428749 - Cinq centimes Dupré, grand module, "refrappage" du décime 1797 Limoges F.114/7

Cinq centimes Dupré, grand module,  refrappage  du décime 1797 Limoges F.114/7 F15
190.00 €приблизительно 16873.90 RUB
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Тип Cinq centimes Dupré, grand module, "refrappage" du décime
Дата: An 5 (1796-1797)
Монетный двор / Город: Limoges
Количество отчеканенных монет: 654199
Металл: copper
Диаметр: 28,04 mm
Ориентация осей монеты: 6 h.
Вес: 9,02 g.
Век: chevronnée
Редкость: R2
Ссылки в каталоге: :
Cet exemplaire provient de la Collection E.T.

Лицевая сторона

Аверс: описание: Tête de la République aux cheveux longs à gauche, drapée et coiffée d'un bonnet phrygien ; au-dessous Dupré en cursif.

Обратная сторона

Реверс: легенда: CINQ / CENTIMES..
Реверс: Описание: En deux lignes dans le champ, au-dessus de L’AN 5 suivi d'un point et de la lettre d'atelier I encadrée des différents, dans une couronne fermée composée de deux branches de chêne nouées à leur base par un ruban.

Историческая справка



Upon separation of the Convention, 25 October 1795, a new executive power under the constitution Thermidor is taking place. This constitution provides entrust power to a directory of five members, each of which governs turn with replacement of a member every two years. The Executive Board shall appoint ministers and officials, directs foreign policy and enforces the laws but he did not elaborate and has no control of public funds. Power is shared with two chambers: the Council of Five Hundred and the Council of Elders which form the legislative body. This authority is committed to maintaining face the risk of a monarchical restoration or Jacobin reaction, but it is mostly paralyzed by the financial crisis and must renounce the scrip in 1796. Replacement of assignats by territorial mandates does not inspire more confidence and this new fiat currency is deleted in 1797. Faced with poverty and destabilization attempts, the Executive Board, accused of being a "bourgeois republic", returns to the revolutionary and policing. Moreover, since 1792, the war is continuous and the influence of military leaders is growing. In 1799, supporters of a strong power, which Sieyes, are at the Board and they open the way to power Bonaparte returned from Egypt. The State shot 18 and 19 Brumaire Year VIII allows the establishment of a military dictatorship under the name of Consulate.

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