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brm_665774 - LICINIUS I Follis ou nummus

LICINIUS I Follis ou nummus AU/AU
65.00 €
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Тип Follis ou nummus
Дата: 313
Монетный двор / Город: Siscia
Металл: copper
Диаметр: 21,5 mm
Ориентация осей монеты: 12 h.
Вес: 3,06 g.
Officine: 5e
Комментарии о состоянии
Monnaie centrée frappée sur un flan fissuré, avec une très jolie tête de l’empereur et un joli revers. Patine marron
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Лицевая сторона

Аверс: легенда: IMP LIC LICINIVS P F AVG.
Аверс: описание: Tête laurée de Licinius Ier à droite (O*).
Аверс: перевод: “Imperator Licinianus Licinius Pius Felix Augustus”, (L’empereur Licinianus Licinius pieux heureux auguste).

Обратная сторона

Реверс: легенда: IOVI CON-SERVATORI/ -|E// SIS.
Реверс: Описание: Jupiter nu, debout à gauche, tenant un globe nicéphore de la main droite et un sceptre de la gauche ; à ses pieds, un aigle tenant une couronne dans son bec.
Реверс: перевод: “Iovi Conservatori”, (À Jupiter conservateur).


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Историческая справка



Licinius I was proclaimed august directly following the conference of Carnuntum, on November 11, 308. In 313, after the rescript of Milan, he married Constantine's half-sister, Constantia. In 316 a first war took place between Licinius and Constantine. It ends with the death of Valens and the signing of a peace between the two augusts. On April 1, 317, three Caesars were created: Crispus, Constantine II and Licinius II. A second war broke out between Constantine and Licinius in 321. It ended with the decisive defeat of Chrysopolis in 324 and the deposition of Licinius, exiled to Thessalonica before being executed the following year..

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