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bca_898974 - LOUIS THE PIOUS Denier à la légende chrétienne

LOUIS THE PIOUS Denier à la légende chrétienne AU
220.00 €
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Тип Denier à la légende chrétienne
Дата: c. 822-840
Дата: n.d.
Монетный двор / Город: Atelier indéterminé
Металл: silver
Диаметр: 21 mm
Ориентация осей монеты: 6 h.
Вес: 1,53 g.
Комментарии о состоянии
Ce denier est frappé sur un flan large et voilé. Monnaie recouverte d’une patine grise avec de petites taches vertes. Tréflage au droit
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Лицевая сторона

Аверс: легенда: + HLVDOVVICVS IMP.
Аверс: описание: Croix cantonnée de quatre besants.
Аверс: перевод: (Louis, empereur).

Обратная сторона

Реверс: легенда: XPISTIANA RELICIO.
Реверс: Описание: Temple tétrastyle avec un fronton triangulaire sommé d'une croisette, une croix au centre posée sur deux degrés.
Реверс: перевод: (Religion chrétienne).

Историческая справка



Louis, who had been king of Aquitaine since 781, became emperor without issue on the death of his father in 814, the only surviving legitimate son. In the first part of his reign, until the year 829, he continued the work of his father and his coinage. The birth of Charles from a second marriage in 823 with Judith of Bavaria will bring his other sons, Lothair, Pepin and Louis to revolt against him. He was dethroned twice in 830 and 833 and the kingdom remained divided until his death in 840.

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