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fco_337091 - MOROCCO - FRENCH PROTECTORATE Boite de 3 essais de 10, 20 et 50 Francs AH 1371 1952 Paris

MOROCCO - FRENCH PROTECTORATE Boite de 3 essais de 10, 20 et 50 Francs AH 1371 1952 Paris MS
250.00 €
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Тип Boite de 3 essais de 10, 20 et 50 Francs AH 1371
Дата: 1952
Монетный двор / Город: Paris
Количество отчеканенных монет: 1100
Металл: bronze-aluminium
Ориентация осей монеты: 6 h.
Век: lisse
Редкость: R1
Комментарии о состоянии
Les essais sont disposés dans un écrin rouge qui portent de minimes traces de frottement. Ils sont impeccables et ne semblent jamais avoir été sortis de leur écrin ni manipulés. On notera un très léger début de patine de teinte orange
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Monnaies de 1952, datées 1371 en calendrier de l’Hégire
- Essai de 10 francs 1371 Maroc : bronze-aluminium, 19.99 mm, 3 g, tranche lisse
- Essai de 20 francs 1371 Maroc : bronze-aluminium, 23.56 mm, - 3.98 g, tranche lisse
- Essai de 50 francs 1371 Maroc : bronze-aluminium, 27.01 mm, 7.76 g, tranche lisse.

Историческая справка



Morocco opened up to European trade at the end of the 18th century. The country remained divided in the 19th century between French influence (bombardment of Tangier and Mogador), British and Spanish and became a stake in the rivalry of its powers, to which Germany joined in 1905. The incident of Agadir in 1911 is regulated by the negotiation between France and Germany which accepts the French protectorate on Morocco against a band of territory in Congo. Lyautey, resident general, pacifies the country while the High Atlas resists until 1934. Following major works, the country is quickly transformed but France increasingly imposes its direct administration without taking into account the protectorate. Nationalism then continued to gain ground and the defeat of 1940 led to increasingly large demonstrations..

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