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fjt_207181 - NOTAIRES DU XIXe SIECLE Notaires de Châteaudun (Napoléon III) n.d.

NOTAIRES DU XIXe SIECLE Notaires de Châteaudun (Napoléon III) MS
180.00 €приблизительно 16180.20 RUB
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Тип Notaires de Châteaudun (Napoléon III)
Дата: n.d.
Металл: silver
Диаметр: 30,7 mm
Ориентация осей монеты: 12 h.
Вес: 12,50 g.
Век: lisse
Пуансон: main indicatrice (1845-1860) et ARGENT
Редкость: R2
Ссылки в каталоге: :

Лицевая сторона

Аверс: легенда: NAPOLEON III - EMPEREUR.
Аверс: описание: Tête nue de Napoléon III à gauche ; sous le buste signature F. C..

Обратная сторона

Реверс: легенда: LEX ET ÆQUITAS.
Реверс: Описание: Inscription en quatre lignes dans une couronne de blé : COMPAGNIE/ DES/ NOTAIRES./ CHATEAUDUN et à l’exergue signature CAQUÉ.
Реверс: перевод: (La Loi et l'équité).

Историческая справка

NOTARIES nineteenth century

Le Chapelier law of 17 June 1791, which dissolved corporations, so companies notaries, then the law of 6 October 1791 abolish royal, apostolic and manorial and venality notaries and the inheritance of their offices. However, the authors of this second law, recognizing the need for the authentication of acts and the duty of the Board, establish public notaries. Notaries and they stay in office by changing quality. However, after a decade of legislative attempts, the First Consul Bonaparte reorganized and modernized the notary by the Organic Law of 25 Ventose of Year XI (16 March 1803). This real "code of Notaries" remains today the standard text of the profession. The notary of the nineteenth century is a symbolic figure found in the literature but also to the opera. One of the most famous figures is in the third act of Puccini's opera, "Il Trittico," played for the first time in 1918, and whose action takes place in the nineteenth century. The most famous is that of air Gianni Schicchi: "If corre dal notaio" ("Courses at the notary!") [Http://]. uses cookies to guarantee a better user experience and to carry out statistics of visits.
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